Modular Homes

I worked as a foreman with a modular home company in Ocean City Maryland in the early 1970s. The designs of the interiors and exteriors of the homes were very interesting and the company was able to sell the homes. Unfortunately the company soon had problems with almost every home they sold. It turned out that the construction was inferior to local building codes and soon the homes weren’t let into the state of Maryland. I moved on from that experience and put modular housing out of my mind.

Recently, a friend in the real-estate business asked me to tour a modular home company in Pennsylvania. I toured the factory and came away very impressed. The building materials and quality-control were as good, if not better than contractors can do in the field.

I am once again a believer in the modular home industry. My two years of research leads me to believe that modular construction may be the best construction for affordable housing, upscale custom homes and light commercial construction. Time of construction and cost are also important things to consider. A building can be put up in a matter of days, instead of the months that regular construction would take. You can order completed units or units that are just sheet rocked .The options are endless for how the house can be finished.